Brockley Open Studios 2018 is finally here. A great variety of artists has signed up and you can expect to see artworks ranging from paintings, prints wood work, textiles, ceramics, fire etching to many more. 

This year, we are also offering workshops and activities provided by Caravan Arts and Aurora Options for you and your family to get involved.

Below you can view the list of all confirmed 2018 artists who will open their doors to the public and showcase their works.

2018 Map
Below is a preview of the Brockley Open Studios flyer. Click here to download the PDF version or click on the image below.


textile & embroidery

Rowena Ardern
Specialises in textiles and embroidery for interiors by combining techniques in dye, print and stitch and drawings of flora and fauna inspired by Cornwall and London. Framed pieces, canvases, cushions, tea cloths, lavender sachets, cards and notebooks.

_bos2018_artists_v2bos 2018_Banaji Zinedine.png.jpg


Zinedine Banaji
Multi-media paintings on canvas, paper and board along with pen/pencil drawings. The work is wild and emotional with vivid colours and faces. Influenced by his life (growing up in London and travelling to Bombay) and his imagination. The work has loose themes of strong women of colour, city life and consumerism, South-Asian and indigenous culture and human struggles against injustice.

Etching & Art prints

Nikki Braunton
Combination of dry point and collograph. The technique gives her prints a dark, haunting quality. She is fascinated by the humour in the world around her, and the relationships between people. The works is comical but often has a deeper darkness to them. Etching and dry point editioned art prints.


Fashion & Accessories

Anne Cayenne
Quirky, understated collection of handmade Ladieswear items for Spring/ Summer: Dresses and accessories (clutches, purses, scarves and tote bags) in dyed silks, linens and cottons. Autumn/Winter items: Handmade wool coats and accessories.


Jane Cox
Decorative and functional Ceramics, vases, jugs, dishes and decorative chargers. Silk screen prints in small editions.


Ruth De Monchaux
Ruth's work ranges from close studies of plant forms to the exploration of distant landscapes. Her London garden is a source of inspiration as are visits to the North Yorkshire countryside. Drawing, etching and screen-printing are her main working methods.


Arnold Dobbs
Abstract paintings featuring simple geometric shapes and grids in strong colour. Influenced by Arnold's stay in New York and Suffolk, the paintings have no preconceived notion of reality but just like music they don’t have to be understood to be enjoyed for their uplifting and uninhibited quality.

_bos2018_artists_v2bos 2018_Eccleston Penny.png.jpg


Penny Eccleston
Penny's work covers a wide range; from warm oils of Mediterranean architecture to animal sketches and hat design. She channels her joy and interest in the creative process back into her work. A pointer to her photographic and design traning can be seen in some of the interesting cropping shown in several pieces. She developed skills in blocking, dying and embroidery while working in hat making and design.

Print & Photography

Siobhan Foster
Created through techniques ranging from photo etching to hand blocked printing and produced on fabric and paper, each print is influenced by forms found in the natural and urban environment. Often utilising a monochrome colour palette and playing with repetition and reflection her prints possess an abstracted graphic quality.

Linocuts & Screen printing

Daniela Fox
Daniela's work involves images borrowed directly from nature, lino cuts of animals and a variety of screen-printing experiments. Employs printmaking, photography and design techniques.


Adrian Gibbs
Adrian creates abstract and portrait paintings and drawings. Materials used included gouache paint, wax, pen and ink, pencil charcoal and gold leaf.

_bos2018_artists_v2bos 2018_Golding Gillian.png.jpg


Gillian Golding
Mostly using printmaking processes, screen printing, digital and etching techniques. Gillian's work is influenced by traditional themes with a humorous aspect. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally and won several printmaking awards.

Embossed collages

Gill Hickman
Embossed collage made with fine papers from around the world, sometimes embellished with gold or silver leaf. Inspired by artist’s daily meditation practice, the works are often said to be both calming and uplifting.

Fire etchings

Kaori Homma
Invisible Ink made with lemon juice to render the image, slightly altering the delicate bal-ance of paper. Once exposed to fire, images are burnt into the paper. The resulting image contains a level of fragility and notion of death within it by nature. Technique called "Aburi-dashi" in Japanese.


Eryka Isaak
Eryka uses various glass-forming techniques and explores the relationships between glass, copper, light, concrete and stone. Each of her pieces is unique. Small, large and modular hangings. Bowls, clocks, bespoke signs, wall tiles, mirrors and glass panel screens. She works with architects and builders to create site specific installations.


Fritha Jenkins
Fritha works across sculpture, performance, sound, text and video. Fritha’s research interests include industrial archeology, domestic labour, queerness and water. For Brockley Open Studios she is making a site – specific installation at Brockley Brewery. 


Clara Kelly
Textile art objects that are hand embroidered.

Sculptures & prints

Richard Lawrence
A variety of sculptures, many carved in stone and wood, some based on the forms of ships, others in the form of spheres based on planets. All exhibited in a large garden. Most sculptures are figurative based on ideas of landscape both rural and industrial. Mainly modelling in clay adding found objects and casting in to plaster.


Imogen Levy
Mono-print designer with a background in digital design and development. Designs and products start life as paint on paper – some stay as original mono-prints and some become digitised and then turned into new products like bags, scarves and even enamel pin badges.


Jack Lloyd
Maintaining focus on portraits and sometimes entirely abstract art. Studies single emotions and states of being and tries to convey these through colour, tone and shape. Uses music and stories for inspiration for the form of the pieces. Alterations made to each piece originate from the physical manifestation of the emotion felt that day.

Leather work

Sue Lowday
Sue makes deliciously divine leatherwork. Sources natural vegetable tanned hides of the highest quality either from a tannery in Italy or from one of the oldest traditional tanneries still working in Britain. A wide range of bags, purses, satchels and belts in a variety of colours.


Anne Lynch
Contemporary watercolour figurative and landscape. The mark and light within the colour is important to Anne and if she feels she's loosing the luminosity she will use collage to help sustain the mark she wants. Themes pull from observation, dreams, stories and travels. The scale of work varies from small works (often studies) to very large. She has studios in London and France.

Textiles & Quilting

Mary McGeown
Textile wall panels and quilting as media to explore and enjoy colour and shapes. Like the Gees Bend quilters Mary finds inspiration in the environment, and loves the fact that quilts combine creativity and function and allow so much individuality of expression.


Miray Mehmet
Her process driven work explores the possibilities of the material specifically porcelain and coarse black clay. She makes strong forms which are thrown on the wheel and hand built. She uses light glazes which accentuate the surface and texture of the pot. She work on small editions and one-offs.

_bos2018_artists_v2bos 2018_Morgan-Knott Shirley.png.jpg


Shirley Morgan-Knott
She creates video, painting, printing and collaged images on textiles, machine and hand-stitching into these and incorporating appropriated imagery from art and advertising. Textual wordplay is often added. Artists who inspire her include Sigmar Polke, Eve Hesse and Julie Cockburn.

_bos2018_artists_v2bos 2018_Munroe Maria.png.jpg


Maria Munroe
An Artist/Printmaker, she has worked with a variety of printmaking techniques and media. Primarily an etcher but has also created a number of pieces using collagraphs, drypoint and linocut. From exploration of concepts such as religion, generations, roots vs wings to more illustrative works of animals and landscapes. She’s currently working on a series of prints which explores the concept of solitude, silence and aloneness.

Ceramics, textiles & illustration

Rachael Nilsson
An illustrator, using ceramics and textiles as canvas. Has a range of cards and prints inspired by the natural world; drawing animals, people and places. Taking inspiration from Latin America and Cuba and using a wide range of materials. Loves experimenting with collage and colour demonstrating a variety of shades. For the past 6 months she's been making her own Egyptian inspired artefacts, from vessels to ancient Egyptian games, each with an imaginary narrative loosely based on fact.

Paintings & Ceramic sculptures

Diana Pooley
Paintings, drawings and ceramic sculptures. The ceramics are between 20cm-80cm height. Ceramics are made of a variety of clays and glazes. Paintings (oils and watercolours), pastels and drawings are 14cm-70cm height. Some of the paintings are mixed media. Diana's art work is included in collections in Italy, Australia, and the UK.


Gosia Poraj
Gosia's art is very innovative with a spin on the techniques she learned studying in Valencia Academy of Fine Arts. Her watercolours have very original quality influenced by her travels and Asian aesthetic. She has been featured in many International exhibitions and her work has a permanent home in prestigious collections.

Wobbly Wood

Jeff Soan
Jeff's work reflects equally a love of creatures, great and small and a love of wood. His objects can be seen as playful sculpture or perhaps sculptural toys. He tries to express the essential nature of the creatures, sometimes by simplification, sometimes by detail and very often by the sinuous movement achieved by the technique of articulation.

Paintings, prints & plush toys

Mimi Soan
Illustrations and paintings often of girl character with animal companion. Sleeping lavender cats, Siamese cats, Bi-Polar Bears. Uses shrunken jumpers and other woollen articles in mixed media and collage, Mimi gives life to a humorous collection of plush characterful creatures.

_bos2018_artists_v2bos 2018_Taylor Ann.png.jpg

Paintings, prints & vases

Ann Taylor
Inspired by nature, especially landscapes and seascapes. Ann goes on location sketching and taking photographs, and then develop these ideas back in the studio. Uses a variety of media and techniques, building up layers to create abstract and semi-abstract paintings.

Paintings & Ceramics

Juliana Westcott
Watercolours, handmade prints, cards, vases. The main body of Juliana's work is based on watercolours, exploring children illustration and different animals, and hand made prints, where she tests the equilibrium of geometrical shapes and the power of repetition in a media where every print is unique. She also works with card making and explores small scale sculptures and objects.

_bos2018_artists_v2bos 2018_Wimmer Charles.png.jpg


Charles Wimmer
Colour, texture, line, shape and space are the playthings Charles uses in creating a personal visual world. Drawings become road maps of his expressive feelings as he travels along life's roadway. His creative journey is often like secular travel: there are storms, freezing winds, followed by wonderfully calm and sunny days.

_bos2018_artists_v2bos 2018_Wimmer Xiomara.png.jpg


Xiomara Wimmer
Xiomara is a Studio Art student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The artwork is fresh from living in the Sierra Nevada mountains and hanging by the surf. She particularly likes abstract paintings and is inspired by Helen Frankenthaler, Picasso and Matisse. She works with many mediums and with many different subjects. Paintings take her where they want to.


Patricia Zontelli
Patricia is interested in found object assemblage and sculpture. Titles are important in her works which are based on play on words. Materials include broken violin parts, computer boards, doll’s heads, mannikin hands, plastic toys.

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