Brockley Open Studios 2019 is finally here. A great variety of artists has signed up and you can expect to see artworks ranging from paintings, prints, wood work, textiles, ceramics, fire etching to many more. 

Below you can view the list of all confirmed 2019 artists who will open their doors to the public and showcase their works.

2019 Map
Below you can preview and download a pdf version of our Brockley Open Studios flyer with all artists listed. You should be able to print this out. We’ll also be distributing the printed flyer all over Brockley and neighbouring areas.


textile & embroidery

Rowena Ardern
Specialises in textiles, embroidery and prints for interiors by combining techniques in dye, print and stitch and drawings of flora and fauna inspired by Cornwall and London. Framed pieces, canvases, cushions, tea cloths, lavender sachets, cards and notebooks.


Andrea Zvadova
Andrea works with several old photography processes. Mainly with cyanotypes she has been printing onto paper, glass, silk and canvas. Her large format hand printed floral cyanotypes are reminiscent of summer walks through fields in the countryside.

Etching & Art prints

Nikki Braunton
Nikki has been experimenting recently with a combination of dry point, collograph and etching. The technique gives her prints a dark, haunting quality. She is fascinated by the humour in the world around her, and the relationships between people. The work is comical but often has a deeper darkness to it.


Lottie Reay
Women were out of control, their wombs wondered, their bodies and minds unruly, hysterical, needing intervention. Through a long and complex history, we see women’s lives, minds and bodies mutilated, incarcerated, suppressed and silenced. The Wellcome Collection provides a tangible insight into these practices and highlights the insidious control of women that still resonates today. Lottie is interested in instability; women have been, and are still seen as unstable, AND the instability that women experience in life, whether political, social, economic. She uses drawing to explore contemporary society, referencing the history that has shaped it.


Yvette Miller
Her work is focused on bringing the scriptures of the Bible to life in a fresh and new way. Through her adopted style she tries to challenge the preconceptions of what Christian art should and usually looks like. Her paintings are abstract, bold and bright and created using acrylic paints as the main medium.


Ruth De Monchaux
Black & white etchings/aquatints of landscapes and multi-plate coloured aquatints of plants, animals & birds. Colourful abstract screen-prints.


Arnold Dobbs
Abstract paintings featuring simple geometric shapes and grids in strong colour. Influenced by Arnold's stay in New York and Suffolk, the paintings have no preconceived notion of reality but just like music they don’t have to be understood to be enjoyed for their uplifting and uninhibited quality.


Anke Buchmann
Anke’s work encompasses ceramic objects and embodied experiences through clay. Her overall interest lays in examining the different dimensions of experiences that come from the artist, the audience, the process and the object. She is following a 2-fold approach, balancing between experience in engagement and interaction, and material in the form of clay.


Jonathan Bray
Jonathan is a painter and printmaker, working in watercolour and etching/aquatint. His focus is the urban environment; he loves to travel cities with his sketchbook and watercolours. His work is a part travelogue, part a record of atmosphere and cityscape.

Linocuts & Screen printing

Daniela Fox
Daniela's work involves images borrowed directly from nature, lino cuts of animals and a variety of screen-printing experiments. Employs printmaking, photography and design techniques.


Adrian Gibbs
Adrian creates abstract and portrait paintings and drawings. Materials used included gouache paint, wax, pen and ink, pencil charcoal and gold leaf.


Sally Baker
Black & white portrait photographs. Selected from archive of gay and burlesque culture a shot in Madam JoJo’s legendary Soho Nightclub in the early 80’s. Prints for sale. Framed/unframed.

Embossed collages

Gill Hickman
Gill uses an etching press to create unique embossed collage works using various fine papers from around the world. She then embellishes these works with 24 carat gold leaf and other types of metal leaf such as silver and aluminium.

Fire etchings

Kaori Homma
Invisible Ink made with lemon juice to render the image, slightly altering the delicate balance of paper. Once exposed to fire, images are burnt into the paper. The resulting image contains a level of fragility and notion of death within it by nature. Technique called "Aburidashi" in Japanese.


Ruty Benjamini
Ruty makes one off and family groups of sculptural vessels, plates, female figurines and wall art. Her ceramic artwork is inspired by natural forms and textures: trees, rocks, shells, the human figure, weathered and effaced surfaces, and ancient pottery and glass. She works in an intuitive and experimental way, treading a fine line between being in control of her material and allowing the unexpected to happen.


paintings & brass rubbings

Carla Pengilly
Experimental watercolour paintings and brass rubbings based on nature with a focus on underwater wildlife. Carla is also exhibiting a collection of marbelled images and cards.


Lil Best
Abstract paintings and portraits at a large scale.

fashion & textiles

Make Mee Studio
Make Mee Studio offers sewing, creative classes for all ages along with alterations and bespoke commissions. They love sharing their making skills with others and are passionate about engaging the local community in sewing and creating. During BOS they will be showcasing some of their own creative work. As well as curating a series of workshops attendees can join in with, including a drop in collaborative community project, and an up-cyling and mending event.


Sheila Fratini
A free spirit she likes to engage with different styles and techniques and does not like to be confined to any particular artistic movement or genre; her work, being a painting, a drawing or an illustration is a reflection of exactly that. Her works are dazzling, with their bold brushstrokes, colourful abstract patterns or exuberant drawn imagery they all convey an energetic strength difficult to ignore. With a strong passion for the natural world, popular culture and a vivid interest in current affairs, she engages in portraying what she loves, what she hates, and anything in between that grabs her attention or imagi-nation.


Lucy Springall
Lucy examines aspects of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing using a variety of visual imagery. She is interested in using the formal qualities of painting such as composition, shape and paint application to create a simple yet visually and emotionally pleasing response.

paintings & prints

Molly Hankinson
Working primarily in printmaking, oil paint and mixed media, her subject matter remains primarily figurative in form. She also works with software to create 'digital paintings' - a combination of hand drawn and digital techniques. Her practice scrutinises how women are presented in society today, concentrating on the realistic and unidealised representation of contemporary femininity as a whole.



Ann Taylor
Inspired by nature, especially landscapes and seascapes. Ann goes on location sketching and taking photographs, and then develop these ideas back in the studio. Uses a variety of media and techniques, building up layers to create abstract and semi-abstract paintings.

Paintings & Ceramics

Juliana Westcott
The main body of Juliana's work is based on watercolours, exploring children illustration and different animals, and hand made prints, where she tests the equilibrium of geometrical shapes and the power of repetition in a media where every print is unique. She also works with card making and explores small scale sculptures and objects.

Paintings & Ceramic sculptures

Diana Pooley
Diana’s ceramics are between 20cm-80cm height. The ceramics are made of a variety of clays and glazes. Paintings (oils and watercolours), pastels and drawings are 14cm-70cm height. There are figurative paintings made of Brockley scenes. The ceramics are interesting in their depiction of unusual physical types. Diana's art work is included in collections in Italy, Australia, and the UK.


Gosia Poraj
Gosia's style of painting, especially planning and developing the work, was profoundly influenced by her education in printmaking. Her pieces aim for technical perfection and often puzzle the viewer to what method was used: “I can’t express myself through painterly works, so I’ve eliminated from my art all marks that resemble painting”. The main subject of Gosia’s abstracts is rooted in her memories of landscapes, the travels and nature up-close.

Wobbly Wood

Jeff Soan
Jeff's work reflects equally a love of creatures, great and small and a love of wood. His objects can be seen as playful sculpture or perhaps sculptural toys. He tries to express the essential nature of the creatures, sometimes by simplification, sometimes by detail and very often by the sinuous movement achieved by the technique of articulation.

Paintings, prints & plush toys

Mimi Soan
Illustrations and paintings often of a girl character with animal companion. Sleeping lavender cats, Siamese cats, Bi-Polar Bears. Uses shrunken jumpers and other woollen articles in mixed media and collage, Mimi gives life to a humorous collection of plush characterful creatures.


Me on the Map - Mark Smith
Me On The Map is the creation of Mark Smith, combining his passion for typography, drawing and London living, to create maps that others can connect with as 'home'. 
Originally hand drawn, the maps showcase every street and green space in the area.

BOS 2019 Sponsors
Brockley Open Studio has gained some great support this year. Please see below the great companies sponsoring our community run event.