1st, 2nd, 3rd July 2017

Launch Party at
St. Peter’s church on Wickham Road SE4 1LT

29th June 6pm - 9pm
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Our Story

It is early July, summer is buzzing and leafy Brockley is busy as a group of local artists open their studios, exhibiting their work to the delight of the public. This might seem like a fun yet one-off episode for the pleasure of both artists and curious onlookers but this is more than a fad.

Back in 1992, when The Whitechapel Gallery extended the boundaries of its annual East London Open Studios event, a number of resident artists in Brockley decided to take part. Following the event's success, our local artists carried on this tradition independently. This annual event thus became known as the Brockley Open Studios ever since.

Open to any artist living in the catchment area, this yearly event, which normally takes place during the first weekend of July, sees about 30 to 40 artists share their unique works of art to the general public who not only find out about them but also have the opportunity to purchase these works of art.

More than supporting local artists and satisfying the curiosity of the visitors and residents of Brockley, the Brockley Open Studios rekindles the sense of neighbourliness, renews the ties of community, and celebrates the beauty of art in all her varied forms.

Nestled in Brockley, Ladywell and New Cross, the Artists Catchment Area demarcates the neighbourhoods from where artists living in that area are eligible to participate in the Brockley Open Studios.

Application for 2017

Call for entries

The Brockley Open Studios 2017 is now closed for application.
The application for the Brockley Artist Chrismas fair 2017 will be opened in September 2017.
The application for the Brockley Open Studios 2018 will be opened in January 2018.

Past Events

christmas fair 2016

St. Peter’s church parted its bold red doors and welcomed in its warm midst a number of local artists for the first ever Brockley Open Studios Christmas Fair in December 2016.

Some two hundred and fifty visitors turned up for this event, perusing and purchasing the many different art works ranging from jewellery, paintings, wooden sculptures and so on.

Following the success of this Christmas Fair, a second one is likely to take place in December 2017 so please keep an eye out for updates!

Past Events


38 local artists opened their studios to the public last summer.  

Besides the glorious sunshine, the public were spoilt with a varied selection of works from etching, sculpture, paintings, illustration, photography, print, textile, metal, glass and leather craft.

We saw a record number of 600 visitors at the Group Show taking place in St Peter's Church.

Thank you!