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brockley open studios 2019

DATE Launch event

Thu 4th July

DATEs open studios

Sat 6th July
Sun 7th July
Mon 8th July

location Group show

St. Peter's Church
Wickham Road
London SE4 1LT

Sat 6th July 2-5pm
Sun 7th July 2-5pm
Mon 8th July -closed-

It's that exciting time of year again! We have now officially opened the application process for artists to join the 2019 Brockley Open Studios.

We'd love a variety of artists to be part of this again and brighten up the community and showcase their amazing artwork to visitors. 

This year's dates of the Open Studios are:

Private view at St Peter's Church Thursday 4th July

Artists Open Studios on Saturday 6th July 2 to 8pm
Artists Open Studios on Sunday 7th July 2 to 8 pm
Artists Open Studios on Monday 8th July 5 - 8 pm

If you are in the catchment area (see map below) and are interested in being part of this or would like to know more, please email or send us a message via our
Contact Us page.

More details about the call for artists in the infos below.

The application process closes on 1st March 2019. 

Look forward to hearing from you!

Brockley Open Studios - Catchment area

Brockley Open Studios - Catchment area

We are open for entry from artists who wish to participate in the 2019 Brockley Open Studios. The number of participants is limited to 50 and applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis. So please respond promptly!

Participation is restricted to artists living or working within the BOS catchment area outlined on the map. Please check the map on our website 

The artist will feature on the website.
The artist's studio will be advertised on over 10,000 leaflets distributed for the event.
The artist will join other participants in exhibiting their work to the public.
The artist will be able to exhibit in the group show at St. Peter’s Church Brockley at no additional fee.
The artist will be able to participate in the Brockley Artists Christmas fair at a discounted fee.

This annual event is organised by volunteers from the Brockley Open Studios which is a non-profit organisation. There is an entry fee of £50 payable by every individual artist taking part in this event, including artists who wish to exhibit in shared studios. The funding contributes to advertising the event, the maintenance of the website and the group show installation. 

Email us at brockleyopen@gmail to request the application form. The closing date for applications is on the 1st March 2019

Brockley Open Studios website will advertise the list of all artists partaking in this event. The artist will provide the information below with the completed application form. The artist provides consent to publish the information on the website and leaflets.

  • a digital JPEG image of their work (width 570 pixels , height 383 pixels, resolution 72 pixels/inch)

  • a summary of their work (max number of 150 characters)

  • artist email address

  • link to the artist website if applicable

Personal data submitted by the artist on the application form will only be used for administering the event.

Brockley Open Studios do not accept any responsibility for the management of individual exhibiting sites, the contents of exhibitions, the safety of exhibitors or the safety of the members of the public visiting the studios. These responsibilities are held by the participating artists. We recommend artists to take up a public liability insurance and to collaborate with other participating artists should they wish to share a space for their exhibition.

The artist must complete and submit the application form and pay the application fee by the application deadline. The artist's participation in the Brockley Open Studios will be confirmed once these requirements have been met. Once the application has been confirmed, the artist will be expected to participate in the distribution of leaflets to promote the event.

The participating artist must allow the use of images submitted for BOS for online profiling activities and publications, without claiming fees. Copyright remains with artists.

Brockley Open Studios reserve the right to disqualify applications which do not adhere to the terms and conditions and eligibility criteria.


Our Story




Ruth de Monchaux

Years Running


It is early July, summer is buzzing and leafy Brockley is busy as a group of local artists open their studios, exhibiting their work to the delight of the public. This might seem like a fun yet one-off episode for the pleasure of both artists and curious onlookers but this is more than a fad. 

Back in 1992, when The Whitechapel Gallery extended the boundaries of its annual East London Open Studios event, a number of resident artists in Brockley decided to take part. Following the event's success, our local artists carried on this tradition independently. This annual event thus became known as the Brockley Open Studios ever since. 

Open to any artist living in the catchment area, this yearly event, which normally takes place during the first weekend of July, sees about 30 to 40 artists share their unique works of art to the general public who not only find out about them but also have the opportunity to purchase these works of art. 

More than supporting local artists and satisfying the curiosity of the visitors and residents of Brockley, the Brockley Open Studios rekindles the sense of neighbourliness, renews the ties of community, and celebrates the beauty of art in all her varied forms.

Nestled in Brockley, Ladywell and New Cross, the Artists Catchment Area demarcates the neighbourhoods from where artists living in that area are eligible to participate in the Brockley Open Studios.

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